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Revlon Bronzer Compact | Beauty Corner

_Revlon Bronzer is a lightweight, silky powder adds warm bronze highlights to your skin for a natural, sun-kissed look all year round. Infused with luminous golden shimmer, brush lightly on cheeks, nose and forehead for a flattering, healthy look. Pop-out mirror is perfect for easy application anywhere, anytime.

This Revlon Bronzer imparts color to your cheeks, making them look naturally beautiful. The ultra-soft texture of this Revlon makeup feels soft to apply and_pressed powder formula of this Revlon Bronzer offers a streak-free finish to your skin. .

How to:__Blend in the Revlon Powder Bronzer smoothly onto your_cheeks, nose and forehead_to give it a radiant look._


RRP$14.95 size__6gm