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Nars Potent E.F.A Cream | Beauty Corner

This luxurious cream blends an intense concentration of active ingredients and natural extracts which work to strengthen and repair the skin. Developed with the exclusive Omega-3 Lipid Support System, an essential fatty acid complex, which helps improve the health of skin by decreasing cell destruction and reducing the depth of fine lines, wrinkles and skin creases associated with ageing. The skin's absorption ratio is optimised as the complex simulates the skin's lipid content, ultimately allowing the skin to increase its intake of hydration. While Acai and Hyaluronic Acid hydrate and repair skin cells deep within to reveal a smoother, stronger and younger looking complexion.

The dye free and synthetic fragrance free formula boasts a smooth, lustrous texture that immediately absorbs into the skin. Once massaged in, dry, parched skin is instantly re-textured and hydrated, promoting skin cells to naturally regenerate and combat the ageing process.